Welcome to The Transplant Trust's Social Network.

You are only moments away from joining the worlds first -as far as we can tell - social networking site created especially to support the transplant community. The Transplant Trust has created the site to enable patients, clinicians, donors, donor families and anyone connected with the world of transplantation to network, share views and to find kindred spirits in this very special community.

Once you are involved with transplantation you join a very special group of people - perhaps as one of the 9,000 or so patients who waiting and who are currently on the NHS Organ Donor list, or the 79,000 people who have been transplanted and who are now enjoying a better life with a new organ. Perhaps you are a carer, a clinician, a health professional caring for patients with a long-term medical condition or a member of a family who has lost a loved one and donated their organs to help others. Whatever your involvement you will be able to gain so much from joining this network.

  • Create your personal health network
  • Exchange and review your case notes
  • Store and Share files, 20mb of FREE space (photos, documents, anything!)
  • Join or start like minded group specialities and discussion groups
  • Keep a journal or blog
  • Create and publicise your events
  • Add and manage RSS feeds... and much more

Now you can see how much you can get by joining thetxspace.com take a few moments to sign up and start using the information that the site contains. The Transplant Trust will from time to time carry out surveys, invite comment to help form policies and to ensure that the charity is inclusive as it carries out its work. To do this we need to hear the views of the transplant community, to know how we can influence more people to support organ transplantation and donation.

'The Transplant Trust help save lives by promoting awareness of organ and tissue donation for transplantation, as well as funding valuable research in to all aspects of donation and transplantation.'.